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Student Activity Center (SAC)

"We are a building of students, for students and by students"


The Student Activity Center (SAC) is a manifested student initiative. Its main purpose is to serve the students of Lendi at Vizianagarm, support a diverse array of student interests and provide additional and alternative options for activity, event, meeting, dining and outdoor gathering spaces. As it was originally intended, environment friendly elements were used in the activity. The Student Activity Center serves its community in a variety of ways. The SAC works under the supervision of the Principal along with Students Activities Coordinating Committee for encouraging the students to participate and exhibit the talent in co-curricular, extra co-curricular and other student activities in the college and outside campus.

Aims and Objectives

  • To produce critical thinkers and logical doers under creative learning environment
  • To enhance and develop personality of the students through innovative practices
  • To nurture skills needed to create and seize opportunities
  • To develop management skills by organizing events inside and outside the campus
  • To provide a challenging atmosphere for honing hobbies and pursuing passions
  • To practice the power of effective feedback and suggestions
  • To maintain department and college magazines
  • To extend every possible help to the college authorities for the overall progress of the institution

    SAC Team Members

    S.No Name of the Member Designation
    1 Dr. Haribabu Thammineni Convener
    2 Paul Spurgeon Nicodemus Co-Convener
    3 Shyam Kiran Faculty Co-ordinator, EEE
    4 Sujatha Mandala Faculty Co-ordinator, ECE
    5 M.Jayashree Faculty Co-ordinator, CSE
    6 Geetha Sravya Faculty Co-ordinator, CSE
    7 Rama Krishna Faculty Co-ordinator, MECH