school and education


Administrative Setup

Name of the Officer Designation Phone (Office)
Sri. P.Madhusudana Rao Chairman 08922-241111, ext (201)
Sri. P.Srinivasa Rao Vice Chairman 08922-241111, ext (202)
Sri. K.Siva Rama Krishna Secretary 08922-241111, ext (203)
Dr. V.V.Rama Reddy Principal 08922-241111, ext (200)
Dr. S. Sridhar Vice-Principal (Academics) 08922-241111, ext (205)
Dr T.Hari Babu Vice-Principal (Administration) 08922-241111
Mr. G. Prakash Babu Dean ,Training and Placement 08922-241111, ext (204)
Prof. A. Rama Rao Head,, Department of Computer Science & Engineering 08922-241111, ext (206)
Dr. M. Rajan Babu Head,Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering 08922-241111, ext (205)
Dr. Y. Narendra Kumar Head,Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 08922-241111, ext (207)
Dr. K.Srikiran Head,, Department of Mechanical Engineering 08922-241111, ext (209)
Prof. K.V. Narasimham Head,, Department of Science and Humanities (O)08922-241111 (ext) 208 (R)
Dr R.Ramesh Dean, Research & Development 08922-241111
Dr. S. Sridhar Head, Examination Cell 08922-241111, ext (212)
Mr. M.Rajanikanth Head, Physical Education (Sports and Games) 08922-241111, ext (210)
Dr. P. Tirumala Co-ordinatior, Entrepreneurship Cell 08922-241111
Dr. P.Tirumala Co-ordinator, Women Empowerment Grievance Cell (Femina Wing) 08922-241111, ext (208)
Dr S.Sridhar Co-ordinator, College Academic Committee 08922-241111, ext (205)
Co-ordinator, Transport Committee 08922-241111, ext (210)
Dr T.Hari Babu Co-ordinator, Student Activities Center 08922-241111, ext (213)
Mr Ch. Raghu Co-ordinator, Incubation and Innovation Center 08922-241111, ext (206)
Mr U. Kartheek Chandra Patnaik Webmaster 08922-241111, ext (216)
Mr. B. T.Rama Krishna Co-ordinator, Sports and Games 08922-241111
Dr. S.Sridhar Co-ordinator, Grievance and Redressal Cell 08922-241111
Dr. S.Sridhar Co-ordinator, Anti-Ragging Cell 08922-241111
Dr. B.Sridhar Honorary Librarian, Central Library 08922-241111, ext (215)
Prof. K.V.Narasimham Co-ordinator, IQAC, NAAC & NBA (O)08922-240000(ext) 208 (R)9866278504
Dr M.Rajan Babu Co-ordinator,, Admissions Committee 08922-241111
Dr P.Sateesh Co-ordinator, Finance and Purchase Committee 08922-241111, ext (209)
Dr Y.Narendra Kumar In-charge Programme Co-ordinator, NSS Unit 08922-241111,, ext (207)
Dr K.Ramesh Co-ordinator, News Letter and Magazines Committee 08922-241111, ext (208)
Mr. Sivaji Ganesh Librarian, Central Library 08922-241111, ext (215
Mr. SK. Azeez Warden, Boys Hostel 08922-241111, ext (207)
Warden, GirlsHostel 08922-241111
Dr. K. Jaya Sri Co-ordinator, Smart Services Officer 08922-241111, ext (206)
Dr. T.Hari Babu Co-ordinator, Press and Publication 08922-241111, ext (213)
Mr A.Srikanth Kumar Administrative Officer 08922-241111, ext (210)
Mr. Kamalakar Office Superintendent, Social Welfare Activities 08922-241111, ext (210)
Mr. V.Rama Chandra Murthy Sr. Accountant 08922-241111, ext (211)
Mr. Arun Kumar Incharge, Transport Service 08922-241111, ext (210)