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About S & H Department

The department of Science and Humanities is an epitome of expertise and an amalgamation of assorted streams of Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Management studies and Environmental studies. The Department has taken great strides in enriching students through application oriented learning, student seminars, e-lectures of NPTEL and MIT etc., to bridge the gap between Intermediate and Professional/Technical education. Technology aided Language lab at Lendi enables students to actively involve in interactive learning and acquire language skills by participating in group discussions, presentations, debates, JAM sessions. At the outset, collaborative learning gives an opportunity to ameliorate the quality of this language proficiency communication skills and soft skills. The department has the expert faculty with 10 doctorates and 2 faculty members already submitted their Ph.D theses as well as 10 faculty members are working for their Ph.D degrees. The Department as a whole inculcates team work and strongly feels that the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach our full potential are the keys that unlocked the doors to our professional excellence.

Short term goals

  • Improving overall pass-percentage in academics.
  • Inculcating moral values and enhancing life skills.
  • Improving the communication & presentation skills.
  • Sustain up-to-date knowledge to bridge the gap between intermediate knowledge and engineering expertise.
  • Preparing the students for meeting the present demands of industry & society.

Long term goals

  • Improvement of Research and Development activities.
  • Development of research projects which are useful for society & industry.
  • Acquire greater recognition as a locus for research by attending and publishing in premiere conferences around the globe.
  • Attain good recognition by publishing international research publications in peer reviewed international journals like Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, etc.

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Lendi has its ambiance of producing quality of education and generates greater heights.

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